Icon Pest Control take pride in providing the highest standard of pest control in the UK. We are a well-established company, and our friendly, professional approach to pest control has helped establish our reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

About us

Londons Best Established Pest Control Company Since 2018

We are proud to be a black owned business. The company carries out pest control in london’s homes and businesses It started serving homes & businesses in its small local area for all types of pest control problems and also offered emergency pest control services.

Icon Pest Control is a black owned business with a very mixed family. The owner and managing director of the company started his career working with and for  many of the largest and most well known pest control companies in the uk. 

When he decided to leave and start his own company a few of his contract followed him due to his work ethic and understanding of they needs and passed on his companies details to friends and other companies.

Within a few years Icon pest expanded its portfolio of customers and was serving the whole of 50 % of London Areas.

Within the first year he had to build on this staff as due to his good reputation he could not handle all the new contracts. The staff employed had to have the same passion for pest control and the ability to fit in with his own family of contracts by doing this a larger companies was born. 

Now one of the best Pest Control companies in London. Icon is still going from strength to strength with many happy customers through-out London.

Pest Vision

Our Vision is to help people all over the UK overcome their pest problems, help businesses going on and focus on what they do best, and support the community by providing the best service, support, and after-service help and guidance.

Pest Mission

Our mission is to protect homes and businesses and enhance humans lives by providing pest control solutions that ensure community health and protects the environment at the same time. We offer a complete range of pest control solutions for commercial and residential properties,  at very affordable prices.

Why us Icon Pest Control?

Innovative Equipment

We use only the best industry standard equpment.

Personal Treatment

All the forms of pest control treatment that can help with the small bed-bug to rats.


Highly motiviated staff focused on solving your pest problems.


All our team are trained so you can rest asured your getting the best advice.

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Want to find more information about us?  Contact our customer service team and will answer all your questions. We would be more than happy to hear from you!

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